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Shenzhen Honrise Acrylic Products Co.,Ltd.


  • ShenZhen Honrise Acrylic Products CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Acrylic Products in South of China. Specializing in various high-quality acrylic products,  with worldwide distribution directly or indirectly, to provide goods and services for more than one brand in the world.
    Products cover acrylic trophy, acrylic photo frame ,acrylic paperweight ,acrylic cosmetic display, acrylic jewelry display, electronic products display, acrylic hotel supplies, acrylic brochure holder, acrylic office stationery supplies, acrylic cigarette and wine display etc.

    Missioin Statement :
    Find ways to understand customer needs.
    Provide customer with good and suitable product for their specific application..
    Keep customer involved from designs to production.
    Supply customer with best and prompt service during and after sales.


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